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Disco Ranch

Wine Bar + Specialty Market

Closed for Winter Break - Jan 2nd - 12th Regular Hours on the 13th Thu - Sun | 11:00am - 6:00pm | Mon 11:00 - 3:00 pm

The Disco Ranch is the vision of Wendy Lamer who has over three decades of fine wine and specialty foods experience.  

Her casual wine and specialty food market is based on her concept of creating a meaningful balance of local and imported wines with artisan crafted food items. She draws from the Mendocino County with accents of European wines and specialty items from around the world.  Her user-friendly wine bar and specialty market is for everyone from wine geeks, novices and everyone in between. 

The wine program is anchored with local Mendocino wineries, with depth of sparkling wines and classics from France, Spain and Italy.  The wine can be enjoyed in a our cozy market and patio or  purchased to enjoy later.  It also has a focus on cheese, charcuterie and all things that go with with wine and hospitality.

You cannot be here for 5 minutes without learning something interesting, eating something good or drinking something yummy.  The market is casual and comfortable with exceptional service, personal knowledge and interaction. All is available to enjoy on their casual outdoor patio or “grab and go.”  A great stop for your special picnic, party or at-home enjoyment.

Thursday – Sunday
11:00 am – 6:00 pm
11:00-3:00 pm
14025 Hwy 128
Boonville CA 95415

You asked for a six pack of over delivering wines to explore anytime!

Theme Six-Packs  $66- $129
The Weekender – SiP – Espana – Viva la France

She started her journey in wine and specialty foods at the age of 18 under the tutelage of Tim Hanni who became one of the first Masters of Wine in America.

Her extensive knowledge of wine continued to grow while working for major wine and spirits companies.

She has been invited to tour wineries throughout France, Italy, Germany and South Africa where she tasted and bought wines for distributors. 

Wendy has opened and managed successful wine operations in Georgia and Arizona:  Monterey Market, 98 South, 56 East and Devlin’s Market.

Her love of wine and specialty foods has continued throughout her life and career. Family and her love of the grape has brought her to Boonville, the heart of Anderson Valley, to pursue her vision of providing great wines and food to the beautiful area of Mendocino County.

Recognized as an Honored Member of the 2006-7  Manchester Who’s Who Registry of  Executives and Professionals

Writer for Phoenix Magazine: “By the Glass”  and “The Grapevine”

Wendy Lamar